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  • Atmospheric corrosion
  • Cathodic and anodic protection
  • Coatings and corrosion inhibitors
  • Corrosion in energy generating systems
  • Corrosion in industrial environment
  • Corrosion in nuclear systems and its control
  • Corrosion in petroleum and natural gas
  • Corrosion in pipe line systems
  • Corrosion in steel and concrete structures
  • Corrosion of advanced materials
  • Corrosion of light metals and alloys
  • Corrosion of stainless steels
  • Electrochemical test techniques
  • Heat treatment and corrosion
  • Hydrogen cracking /Hydrogen damage
  • Life estimation of parts exposed to corrosion / Fracture mechanics approach
  • Localized corrosion
  • Marine corrosion
  • Material selection and design for corrosion services
  • Methods to monitor and measure corrosion
  • Microbiological corrosion
  • Stress corrosion cracking
  • Surface treatment


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